F-A-S-T #FirstAnswerSchnitzerGroupTeam

F-A-S-T The F-A-S-T #FirstAnswerSchnitzerGroupTeam approach enables a successful restart after several weeks of lockdown. Technically sophisticated and transparently developed – we have created a working foundation for fast decisions going forward. The F-A-S-T concept takes into account insights gained from restart projects that are already underway, as well as the Schnitzer Group‘s entire store of…

Task Force Management

Task Force Management Coordination of all critical situations to cope with the restart Observation and assessment of the environmental conditions pragmatic, quick and technical attempt to create operational ability Neutral and uniform communication with all partners Implementation of requirements to ensure hygiene and health protection Ongoing review of effectiveness

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply Chain Transparenz Safety of supply in the restart across all stages of the supply chain Data analysis and adaptation to changes Proactive bottleneck Control Support and strengthening / building supplier structures Global on-site presence at supplier and customer locations Coordination of the entire supply chain – Level 1 – Level n…

Equipment Management

Equipment Management Status of equipment is known and necessary actions have been implemented Identification of critical paths and moderation of the technical solution Consistent implementation of initiated measures Neutral assurance of the same level of information for all partners Navigation through the entire technical approval process Analysis of planning, process & product

Quality Navigation

Quality Navigation Coordination of all quality measures for the restart Revaluation of quality processes and adaptation to new requirements Qualifying all partners in necessary programs and processes Coordinated quality concepts and identical information for all partners in the supply chain Coordination of approval processes between participating partners internally and externally Takeover of data management for…


Tech-Navigation Qualification to technologically and methodically implement the project or ramp up Identification of critical paths and initiation of immediate measures Creation of technical ability to act Neutral assurance of the same level of information for all partners Hygiene and safety requirements are technically implemented Potential / cost analyzes for new materials, processes & suppliers


Efficiency Objective determination of the current key figures in the re-start program to unlock new potentials Comparison of previous and new processes Linking all project partners internally and externally Ensuring supply chain performance Optimization of interfaces within new processes Potential / cost analyzes for new materials, processes & suppliers

Project Navigation

Project Navigation Recognize and reduce project risks on restart Transparent, holistic status for components, processes and equipment Alignment of all partners involved in the project Project-oriented and milestone-based planning and implementation Technically accomplished and pragmatic solutions Problem and risk assessment