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Values – Team – Process

Values – Team – Process

Analysis of potentials beyond the standards

Audits, analysis of process or potential always follow a specified structure in order to dissolve the interaction of processing sequences. Hardly or not at all the cooperation between the areas in which the processes are implemented are considered. However, the communication between the teams, the understanding amongst each other is a key factor for a successful, streamlined process.

Therefore, analysis of potentials by the Schnitzer Group always use the structure of the analysis of audits / processes as a basis. Though, a focal point is the relationship between the project participants. The lessons learned gained during the personal interviews are taken into considered at the presentation of results and are provided with corresponding implementation recommendations.

In an actual project, for a dynamically growing company in the aviation industry, the Schnitzer Group supports the implementation of these measures by the moderation of the different groups. Amongst other things, the contents include the development of common values for the company, team-building and of course the further development of the planning processes.

The moderator team Herbert Hojnick and Reinhold Scheiffele use the long-standing experience of the Schnitzer Group in the „Systemic Projectmanagement“ from various branches as well as tools and methods of the field of experiential education mixed with coaching elements.