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The intricacy of project management.

Project support through the Schnitzer Group is ready for series production, the case doesn’t matter!

During the series production phase, the main focus is on ensuring secure and on-time delivery of the required part quantities, optimizing the related logistics processes as well as optimizing production steps. But quality issues are typically predominant. Components in production that initially do not fit cannot be adjusted any further on the belt at this point, even if doing so would require only a small amount of further manipulation. There just isn’t enough time for that. This is why precise fitting is of paramount importance.

In this phase, the project team is worried about the issues mentioned as well:

Have the suppliers ordered materials and machines on time and in sufficient amounts?
Are supply bottlenecks foreseeable or can follow-up deliveries be made on short notice if needed?
How can you ensure functioning component production with consistent quality, on an international level and at different locations?
How can we boost part quantities even higher?
Is it possible to further optimize the production processes at individual supplier locations?
How can supply logistics be improved?
How can we manage to reduce procurement costs?

These are just a few typical examples of questions that project managers and teams grapple with in the series production phase.

The sooner the Schnitzer Group is brought in and the longer we stay on board, the more your project benefits!

The majority of the Schnitzer Group’s technical projects in the past have been broken down into industrialization, the start-up phase, start of production and the ramp-up phase, which is itself classified as part of the series production phase.


Recently, an increasing number of customers have been realizing that it makes sense to incorporate the Schnitzer Group into projects from the very beginning and then keep us on board, even in the series production phase. The Schnitzer Group’s network of practical knowledge and its refined project expertise help in every single project phase. These skills are even more effective when the company assists with complex projects in their entirety.


The Schnitzer Group has found an intuitive symbol to represent these customer benefits: a wooden cube made up of several smaller cubes. You can pull the individual cubes apart and then—assuming you have the knowledge, experience, problem-solving skills and perseverance—put them back together again. This cube represents complex technical projects and all the hurdles that might get in the way while they are being completed. It also represents the intricacy of project management—the core competency of the Schnitzer Group



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