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Golden Week(s) in China

Chinese National Day is on 1 October. This date is „holy“ to the Chinese People. Therefore, all companies and institutions, with the exception of hospitals and emergency rooms, don´t work from 1 to 7 October in order to remember and to celebrate this day. In China this week is called „Golden Week“.

In 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the People´s Republic of China. There are commemoration ceremonies, military parades, shows, family meetings and fireworks. Travellers, friends and interested parties in the Chinese culture are expected in Peking amongst others, to celebrate this “big day” together.

The Golden Week includes three non-working weeks: the Spring festival “Chinese New Year” in January or February. Then, in spring the Week of Labour on 1 May (Labour Day Golden Week) and the National Day Week (National Day Golden Week) beginning on 1 October.

These public holidays were established in 1999 by the Chinese government to revive the domestic market for tourism, to increase the general standard of living and to enable long-distance visits of relatives. During this weeks it is the busiest travel time in the People´s Republic.

The busy team of the Schnitzer Group Shanghai is looking forward to a week of holiday and rest.