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The Chinese New Year – „The Year of the Rat”

The Chinese New Year – „The Year of the Rat”

The days around the Chinese New Year are the most important holidays in China and, of course, for all Chinese people worldwide.

There is no specific date for the “Chinese New Year” but a defined period of time. It lasts from 25 January to 27 January. The origin comes from the lunar calendar, which plays still the most important role in China, although it was officially replaced by the Gregorian calendar.

Symbols play an important role in the Far Eastern culture. 2020 is the “Year of the Rat”.

The rat is a symbol for wisdom, creativity and originality. Furthermore, the rat represents thirst of knowledge and energy, which fits very well with the vision of the Schnitzer Group. For this reason, we wish you and all of us a successful “Chinese New Year of the Rat”.