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Bring on the difficult projects!

Your project partner for challenging technical projects

The Combination of Technology and Management  

The Schnitzer Group is an independent, globally operating, technical service provider with the focus Systemic Projectmanagement.  

Shorter development cycles, new technologies, modified production processes, alternative materials – examples which explain why projects become complex. For 25 years the Schnitzer Group is successful in handling this kind of projects which are confronted with surprises and coincidences during the transition from theory into reality. This particular added value becomes noticeable in a sustainable reduction of risk potentials and focusing of the involved project teams.  

Our customer are manufacturers of technologically advanced products from various sectors, mainly in the national and international automotive, aviation and rail vehicle industry, new mobility and highgrade consumer goods. They not only demand that the operative doing is handled, they also value the qualities of the Schnitzer Group acting as a path-breaking navigator, idea and impulse generator. The self-developed method Systemic Projectmanagement obliges our teams to always grasp and tackle task packages such as project coordination, operating material, quality and supply chain management as well as the product and process optimisation, relocations, the customer management, development management in a cross-system context.  

With our 8 locations in Germany, Switzerland, China and the USA we are the internationally experienced partner when it comes to the methodical and pragmatic controlling of development projects. In addition  

to strong analytical, planning and communication skills the 55 System Project Managers have detailed technical expertise. The collected experiential knowledge is enormous and significant success factor in current projects around the globe. Therefore, also the performance promise:

Our commitment for your project. Worldwide. 

Our values

  • Our team works collaboratively, reliably, honestly
  • We evaluate independently, operate practically, act flexibly

Our guidelines

We want to be an excellent technical service provider. We are based in Germany and active in Europe and around the world.
We are reliable and independent. We foster long-term and trust-based relationships with our customers and business partners.
We want sustainable earnings. We think and act flexibly, with a practical orientation and an entrepreneurial spirit.
We employees make the Schnitzer Group successful. With expertise, knowledge and dedication.
We work together as a community and honestly. We want a culture of trust.
Our leadership provides direction. It encourages personal initiative and grants leeway for creativity.

Company figures

Ongoing projects
Systemic Project Manager (employees)
Project satisfaction rate
Probability of repeat business
Returning customers
Countries of activity

Founded 1992

Customer segmentation Tier1, equipment and material manufactures

Industries Automotive industry, aviation industry, power engineering, industrial consumables

Project durations 3 days – 200 days


Locations in Europe, Asia and the United States

A total of eight locations in Europe, Asia and the United States: The Schnitzer Group is present in the markets where your customers are active, too.


Sharing success for the good of all

The Schnitzer Group very consciously dedicates itself in many ways to giving part of its success back to the community.


The entertaining glimpse behind the scenes

The friendly rapport within the Schnitzer Group leads not only to successful work, but also to various joint activities of colleagues.