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At home throughout the world

Close proximity to customers around the world and first-hand market knowledge

Customers of the Schnitzer Group are internationally operating companies, high-tech companies and hidden champions who usually work across locations and countries, selling their products globally. It is therefore quite intentional that the Schnitzer Group decided to be present with its own locations in the key regions of the world.

In addition to the three German locations in Wangen, Kornwestheim and Weißenburg (Franconia), the Schnitzer Group also operates further European locations in Zurich, Switzerland and Turin, Italy. In Asia, the Schnitzer Group has been present in China since 2007 in Shanghai and since 2014 in Shenyang. Finally, in 2015, this was followed by a location in Charlotte in the United States.

For the Schnitzer Group these locations mean not only closer proximity to its customers, but also speed and efficiency for handling matters within each location. Market knowledge, personal relationships in the regions, experience and detailed knowledge about local business customs or business regulations are of central importance—particularly in projects for customers of the Schnitzer Group. That is why it is essential for the Schnitzer Group to be at home throughout the world.