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Hands-on experience is pure added value for customers

The Schnitzer Group consistently taps its 25 years of project experience

Teachers and educational researchers have known for a long time that knowledge gained through personal experience is far superior to theoretical knowledge. It is deeper, easier to recall and makes those who have it more self-confident and motivated to also put their knowledge to practical use as well as share it with others.

The Schnitzer Group calls such knowledge “hands-on experience.” In the case of international project management experts it is based on 25 years of project work in a wide range of industries. Detailed knowledge of all the project phases from every angle on the part of everyone involved is essential for this. Also of major importance is knowledge of materials, technologies, tools, machines, logistics and quality. And, finally, the Schnitzer Group colleagues also have precise knowledge of many manufacturers and suppliers as well as the pertinent workflows and processes for each based on their past work. Depending on the analysis results, solution managers take on rather diverse roles for individual jobs. Sometimes they are mentor, sometimes coach, sometimes project manager or prototype procurement manager, but they are always engaged as a communicator.

Since this hands-on experience is so invaluable for solving difficult project tasks, the Schnitzer Group has created a foundation for the continuous availability and sharing of this store of experience through its campus structure and mentoring concept. And it has developed its own strategy with which it approaches complex technical projects: Systemic Projectmanagement.

Systemic Projectmanagement

The sustainable solution strategy for projects

Systemic Projectmanagement is neither software nor a trendy buzzword, but a sustainable strategy for approaching complex technical projects in a solution-oriented manner


Hands-on experience in a nutshell

The Schnitzer Group blog provides you with lively hands-on experience in exciting blog articles with lots of valuable information from daily working practice.


The newsletter for reading and reference

The Schnitzer Group’s printed newsletter “In Time” is sent to our customers twice a year. You will find the PDF version for download, reading and reference here.

Calendar Week Calculator

An extremely practical project app

How long will my project take, how should I determine the start and end dates? The Schnitzer Group’s Calendar Week Calculator app very quickly provides reliable answers to these questions.