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Each project is a social system

Systemic Projectmanagement as a tried-and-tested solution strategy

Many who hear the term Systemic Projectmanagement for the first time think it refers to software. But Systemic Projectmanagement has nothing to do with that. Rather, it concerns a strategy—now tried and tested for years—for tackling challenging technical projects and making project teams more successful and efficient.

What is the special approach of Systemic Projectmanagement? It perceives projects as social systems that are propelled to success not only by the technical, methodological and analytical skills of the team members, but also and primarily by the factors of communication, empathy, motivation, transparency and appreciation. Only with these factors can the hands-on experience lying dormant in the minds of project team members be called up and effectively used for the project to succeed. Countless projects that have been brought to a positive conclusion make it clear that Systemic Projectmanagement is a sustainable solution approach.

Want to learn more about the unique selling point of the Schnitzer Group? Then watch our video explaining Systemic Projectmanagement: