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Ensuring that you hit milestones instead of stumbling blocks!

Work together with the Schnitzer Group to industrialize your next project!

The industrialization phase is characterized by asking questions, running mandatory modification cycles as well as component validation and evaluation. At global companies with plants in different countries, each individual component modification currently has to be coordinated with all plants in all countries. This is a massive undertaking that ties up countless resources.

Time constraints and coordination efforts are increasing significantly as the project begins to culminate. The major challenge: The project manager must work to avoid any stumbling blocks and flukes by getting tool optimization processes up and running on time and ensuring that the suppliers have production processes that are working and—most importantly—reliable.

Central issues addressed during the industrialization phase include:

Is the manufacturing concept working?
Is it possible that more design modifications are needed?
Have the right materials and process steps been incorporated?
Who is taking care of coordinating the overall assembly and “matching” the components?
Do the produced samples meet quality requirements?
But mainly: Are the supply chains on the supplier’s end actually working reliably?
Have these been prepared for the possibility of a production increase?
And: Where are the maximum capacities found?

The “human” factor – essential to any project.


The Schnitzer Group has developed an approach for its multi-faceted and complex projects with a variety of phases, and this approach has proven itself in practice.

For Systemic Projectmanagement, the human aspect of the project – empathy, motivation and communication – is every bit as important to a successful project as the technologies and processes involved. That is why, in addition to analyses, continuous evaluations and reliable reporting, the method relies on transparency, binding agreements and respectful, trusting interaction between team members and with the suppliers.

The Schnitzer Group’s special tool for milestones.

The key feature is access to all of the Schnitzer Group’s empirical knowledge. Any Schnitzer Group employee who is leading a project can rely on the knowledge and expertise of all of his/her colleagues and – if needed – reach out to them for consultation.

The Schnitzer Group handles difficult and sensitive project situations by taking a “swarm intelligence” approach. It has a knack for sending in the specialists with precisely the right knowledge and experience necessary to put the project back on track or even streamline it. This makes Systemic Projectmanagement by the Schnitzer Group the perfect method for reaching milestones reliably.

Simply get in touch with your personal Schnitzer Group contact partner to talk about the advantages of this innovative project management solution!