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Lecture on Global Sourcing Strategy

“Pandora’s Box” – risk management

More and more European customers of the Schnitzer Group are now expanding their purchasing activities globally. In a current project, the experienced “Systemic Projectmanagers” are supporting a large mobility company in Europe in optimising its supplier pool. Within a very short time, savings in the mid 6-digit range could be achieved. In the course, a product for a refurbishment project was converted to an alternative supplier, therefore not at the original supplier.


At a meeting of 80 customer´s purchasers, the managing directors Herbert Hojnick (CH) and Peter Schnitzer (DE) explained the somewhat different point of view. The Schnitzer Group always considers the selection of a suitable partner from the technical point of view, i.e. from the product point of view. This requires in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the product requirements and what is technically feasible. Expert knowledge that the experts of the Schnitzer Group have applied extensively in their more than 25-year project history and that they are happy to pass on.