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Office of the future

Innovative wind in historic rooms

Through conversion and renovation in the Schnitzer Group headquarters, Paradiesstraße 4, new individual office space could be gained. The historic building from 1635 houses a shop on the ground floor and two office floors for the Schnitzer Group, each with 180 square metres. The aim of the fundamental renovation was to combine old and modern. It was important for everyone to create multifunctional rooms that would support individual requirements as well as variable meetings in the best possible way.

In an increasingly digitalised and globalised world, the concept of work is subject to fundamental change. Offices are becoming more flexible and “smarter”. The office is not just a workplace. Rather, it is a meeting place, a place of social exchange. The office interior must be adapted accordingly.

A pleasant conversation does not take place in dark, grey cells. The office where we spend so many hours of our lives should be a feel-good place with different inspiring rooms. Meetings take place – as before – in special conference rooms. But instead of U-shaped tables, there are also cosy sofas, armchairs and beanbags that invite to creative exchange. The aim is to create a more relaxed atmosphere. For concentrated work and to attend a telephone conference undisturbed, however, there must also be places of retreat without the ringing of the telephone at the neighbouring table disturbing the thought process. A kitchen-cum-living room was also set up, where it will be possible to cook and feast together on a weekly basis in future.

An office in the heart of the Wangen pedestrian zone has its special charm. The health management of the company through the walk to the car park is also included. This also fits in with the Schnitzer Group corporate culture – everything is a bit different and also a bit unusual.