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Office opening at the Schnitzer Group in Paradiesstraße

A small thank-you to all those involved

“How do you combine a building with more than 500 years of family history, with current building regulations, the office for the protection of historical monuments, flexible communicative project spaces and the social network of the neighbourhood”, was how Peter Schnitzer, landlord and managing director of the Schnitzer Group, welcomed the invited round. He comes up with the answer himself, “actually with a housewarming aperitif.” Peter Schnitzer had invited craftsmen, the architect, neighbours, colleagues and friends of the house to this last Thursday. Peter Schnitzer’s father was born in today`s business premises. Also, many celebrations were hosted. Heinz Rühmann and Gustl Bayerhammer gave their interludes during engagements in Wangen in earlier days at the Schnitzer piano. Fair dealings and exchange at eye level are important to the enterprising entrepreneur. And that with the craftsmen, his employees and his managing director colleague Peter Kienzle. He gave a brief outline of the doing of the globally active Schnitzer Group.


Through conversion and renovation of the listed Schnitzer headquarters, Paradiesstraße 4, new individual office space was gained. The historic building from 1635 houses a shop on the ground floor and two office floors for the Schnitzer Group with 180 sqm each. The aim of the fundamental renovation was to combine old and modern. It was important for everyone to create multifunctional rooms that would support individual requirements as well as variable meetings in the best possible way. In an increasingly digitalised and globalised world, the concept of work is subject to fundamental change. Offices are becoming more flexible and “smarter”. The office is not just a workplace. Rather, it is a meeting place, a place of social exchange. The office interior must be adapted accordingly.


In a relaxed atmosphere, there was the opportunity for a small guided tour through the entire building. For interested parties, Peter Schnitzer was available to answer questions, to reveal old stories of the building or to tell about the “bottleneck” sites of the “Office Redevelopment” project.


With this small aperitif, the Schnitzer Group would like to thank all participants, including the present Lord Mayor, for their support and good cooperation. During the rebuilding some surprises and unexpected hurdles had to be overcome, which the whole team mastered with flying colours.