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Stress is the best quality inspector there is!

The Schnitzer Group helps you to ramp up your production stress-free.

Until now, your design has been nothing more than a theoretical idea that was developed into a prototype. Now it’s time for what they call the “ramp-up,” which is where the real product comes together. At this point, sufficient amounts of mounting parts or materials are typically being ordered on the supplier’s end, the production schedule is fixed, the teams are receiving training and the production process is being subjected to a rigorous endurance test. Any faults that arise now will cause severe issues. Escalation is virtually inevitable.

Will the suppliers manage to produce the required part quantities?
Do we need to give their employees special training?
Do all the logistics processes make sense?
Has dimensional accuracy been achieved for all required components?
Are there trained quality managers?
Why might a supplier still be producing so much scrap?
Do the required part quantities fit into the available production frameworks?
Or is the problem being found in the deliveries from the sub-supplier itself?
What progress is being made with respect to automating and/or networking the systems?

These are just a few typical examples of questions that project managers and teams grapple with in the start-up phase.

Abandon tunnel vision and gain a panoramic view of your project.

There is no such thing as a project going exactly according to plan. The reason behind this is not that planning is done incorrectly, but rather that projects are continually becoming more complex and dynamic. This makes them more susceptible to unforeseen mishaps. Difficulties tend to arise when the component volumes are adjusted upward in the start-up phase or even earlier. Here, open and trusting communication with the supplier and honest information exchange between parties are critical for the project’s success.


That is why the Schnitzer Group’s approach to technical projects aims to avoid any conceivable uncertainties and technical challenges in addition to building a stable bridge between the client and suppliers. It’s actually common for the Schnitzer Group to provide on-site assistance for problems on the supplier’s end. This ensures that projects are completed according to schedule.


Even when time is of the essence: When keeping in line with the old adage of “thinking outside the box,” it is important to analyze the entire situation at hand—down to the most minor details—from an objective perspective and to talk to every person involved. This characteristic “panoramic view” of the project and the empirical knowledge gained over more than a quarter of a century of experience make the Schnitzer Group the ideal project partner – including for you and your team.



Do you want to rule out start-up problems from the very beginning in future projects?
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