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Rule out any potential devastating project issues from the beginning!

With the vast empirical knowledge of the Schnitzer Group.

Planning and kick-off are the key parts of any project where the foundation of the project is created—on the technical and organizational levels, and more importantly on the human level as well. Therefore, the project manager often grapples with very basic questions in this phase.

What should the basic concept for my project look like?
Does my project team have enough professional and communicative skills to turn this project into a success?
Is everyone working to achieve the same goal?
How are the team members communicating with each other?
Have the project workflow, scheduling and responsibilities been verified and are they actually transparent for each team member?
Where exactly do the project’s main challenges lie?
Have we actually chosen the appropriate suppliers and sub-suppliers?

At the same time, process constraints for projects are constantly becoming more stringent, the effort required for coordination and documentation is increasing, the projects are continuing to become more complex and tough competition keeps forcing companies to shorten cycle times.

In light of these extremely high standards placed on project leaders and teams, it is practically inevitable that they will encounter areas of uncertainty and places where information is lacking. If something unexpected comes up at this point – and experience tells us that this happens in every project – it is common for all of the plans to be ditched and the project status to be promptly set to “red.”

Why choose the Schnitzer Group—ideally from the very beginning?

Working with the Schnitzer Group means brining an experienced partner on board from the very first project phase. The Schnitzer Group will understand your project backwards and forwards and consistently keep it on track toward success. To do this, Schnitzer has developed its own method, which identifies, analyzes, prioritizes and coordinates all factors driving the project: Systemic Projectmanagement.


Other special characteristics of the Schnitzer Group:
The Schnitzer Group employs individuals with an extensive range of qualifications. Experts within this network are called upon as needed to act as mentors for specific solutions. In addition, the Schnitzer Group boasts more than a decade of practical knowledge from projects in a variety of industrial sectors involving an array of technologies, materials and project challenges.

The bottom line: Bring your difficult projects to us!