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Reliable sampling process, thanks to comprehensive quality competence

Qualitatively critical phases can arise in every development and manufacturing process. One outstanding strength of the Systemic Projectmanagers is the early identification and superior handling of such procedural “rapids.” Once again, the foun­dation for this consists of the extensive hands-on experience of the Schnitzer Group, which is passed on to all colleagues through mentoring and coaching. The result is a collective and comprehensive quality competence that is utilized for both preparing and implementing a project.

The Systemic Projectmanagers are very conversant with all the steps in the quality evaluation process and apply the correspon-ding methods effectively. The customers benefit from this practically oriented exper­tise in every project, because in this way their processes become more reliable, and thus more efficient, from the very start. But the Schnitzer Group is continuously improving the quality competences not only through internal mentoring, but also through external training. For this, experi­enced QM specialist Wolfgang Strotmann brings the customer’s responsible employ­ees up to date directly on site in matters of project-oriented quality assurance.