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Sampling seminars for manufacturers and the supply chain

From practice for practice

Sampling seminars for manufacturers and the supply chain

 Sampling processes continuously become more complex. Missing and incomplete documents, testing behind schedule and above all, the important sampling discussion at the project start, has not taken place.

All these are topics that cause a deferral of the release process shortly before start of production and due to that, put the start of the serial production at risk.
Hence the Schnitzer Group has designed a seminar module that explicates the necessary steps of the sampling process based on the regulations and engineer standards to all involved. Furthermore, it emphasises the necessity of early planning. Descriptive charts and neutral time schedules that illustrate the different sampling steps come along with the practical seminar.

Often the OEM is the initiator of the realisation of seminars like this one, since missing samplings have the strongest impact on them, because they always decide about the release for serial production.

The one-day seminar can be booked as an open or closed in-house seminar. An open seminar, possibly organised by the OEM, always provides the opportunity of multiple suppliers convening which promotes the exchange of experiences.

Further information regarding the seminar, contents and offers can be received from:

Daniela Melzer or Wolfgang Strotmann.