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Quick legs in the team Allgäu and Weißenburg

Quick legs in the team Allgäu and Weißenburg

As the project world of the Schnitzer Group is very unsteady and very volatile, the colleagues need a constant in the spare time. This constant is for most of the colleagues the sport, which they like to do in teams, also.

For example, mid of September a hiking tour of the Team Wangen took place. The hiking group started sportily around 9:00 a.m. in Bad Hindelang onto the Hirschberg and Spieser. Not only colleagues of the Schnitzer Group but also partners and children joined the group, so it became a nice family day. On the summit cross everybody longed for a hearty snack.

Another event had its location in Munich. The colleagues from Wangen, Hubert Sinz and Patrick Heine sprang into action for the spinal cord research. The joined the charity run WingForLiveRun in Munich. With their team “Vida for Ella” they have reached 638 km and were able to donate 1.800 €.

At the Grünten, also called “the guard of the Allgäu”, the Grüntenstafette was scheduled on 28 September 2019. Three of our colleagues took part in several disciplines and teams. Hubert Sinz and Andreas Helfenberger (WUG) competed in alpine run. Kevin Berns (WUG) ran the trail run with 250 other participants. All colleagues achieved excellent results.

Because Mr Hubert Sinz wanted to demonstrate his sporting condition one more time, he registered on last Sunday, 6 October, at short-notice at the 3 country half-marathon at the Lake Constance. The route leads very picturesque from Lindau to Bregenz along the lake. For the 21,1 km Hubert Sinz achieved a very good time of 1:31:39 hrs and finished his competitive session for 2019.

Special mention deserves our colleague Andreas Helfenberger from Weißenburg. There was a further sporting challenge for him in July, the challenge Roth (Ironman), which he finished in the time of 9:07 hrs. For example, he won at the TransalpineRun 2019 in the Master Men Category End of August. This extremely challenging event started on 31 August 2019 in Oberstdorf and ended on 07 September 2019 in Sulden. With his partner he needed 33:41:31,8 hrs for 266 km and 15.565 cumulative elevation gain.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the sea country marathon, he ran for a donation team in his homeland, in which the Bavarian minister of state for environment (Thorsten Glauber) was engaged, too. The donations were intended for children´s fates Middle Franconia.

The Schnitzer Group is pleased about the team event and congratulates the Schnitzer Group competitors for their discipline, sportiness and bodily fitness which they use also daily in the business for the Schnitzer Group. Not for nothing the saying goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body.