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The Schnitzer Group is pleased about further growth

The Schnitzer Group is pleased about further growth


In September 2019 three new colleagues started at the Schnitzer Group.

To the delight of the whole team, with Karl Dobelmann a long-standing Schnitzer colleague returns to the location Wangen. His qualifications are in the area of quality management and in the organisation of production processes. The injection molding process/ aluminium-pressure-sand casting and the deep drawing are his passions. Furthermore, Mr Dobelmann has some additional qualifications, e.g. the expert auditor and experience in Green- and Black Belt. For balance he enjoys time in the nature: during hiking, walking or biking.

Vallery Eichbaum and Leon Wambach writing their master thesis at the Schnitzer Group. Ms Eichbaum at the location Wangen and Mr Wambach at the location Kornwestheim. Thereby they are effectively and practically attended by Maximilian Köppel. To learn a lot about the day-to-day business also, they support the teams at the location, in addition to their master thesis.

Vallery Eichbaum is studying technical innovation and product management in Kempten. In her master thesis she deals with the development and implementation of a knowledge management model for sustainable use of the individual project experiences for the Schnitzer Group. She enjoys her homeland, the Allgäu, either in the mountains or when riding.

Currently Leon Wambach is studying industrial engineering product and process management in Friedberg in Hessen. In his final thesis he deals with the topic cross-sectoral analysis of product development processes and the search of a demand-oriented diversification strategy for the Schnitzer Group. Skiing is for the native Frank an absolute passion.