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What do engineers and technicians need to know about transfer and progressive dies?

To answer this question, Stefan Mangold, “Systemic Projectmanager“ at Schnitzer Group, has written the technical guide for “transfer and progressive dies“ with technical terms in German and English. The book covers all subjects in this area of manufacturing technology that are relevant to

real-world applications. In addition, it ensures that readers can communicate with assurance and without errors – a vital success factor in worldwide tooling management. The book‘s target group includes college and university students, graduates and technicians, as well as employees of toolmakers or companies that have tooling manufactured, or procure it, globally. The technical guide is now available in retail stores as a hardcover, paperback or e-book version (ISBN 978-3-7497-5107-5) or directly from the Schnitzer Group: (+49 7522/ 70 79 69-0)